9 de dezembro de 2014

MANDATORY BYLINE PIC BY PDNS PHOTOGRAPHY/ CATERS NEWS – (PICTURED: Harry with the letter he wrote to Waitrose) – A seven-year-old boy who complained a supermarket¿Äôs own-brand sauce looked boring has designed his own version of the label which is hitting supermarkets this week. Harry Deverill was tucking into a bacon and brown sauce sandwich when he noticed the label on the Waitrose Essential brown sauce he was using didn¿Äôt really explain what the sauce was for. Having been previously praised for his drawing skills, Harry decided to write to the supermarket giant and offer to design them a better label for their own brand brown sauce. To Harry¿Äôs surprise Waitrose took him up on his offer and now his label design which features a hand drawn picture of a full English breakfast, has gone on sale. SEE CATERS COPY.



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